Peer Reviewed Articles

Orkin JD, Campos FA, Myers MS, Cheves Hernadez SE, Guadumez A, Melin AD. (2018) Seasonality of the gut microbiota of free ranging white-faced capuchins in a tropical dry forest. The ISME Journal.

Kries K, Barros MAS, Duytschaever G, Orkin JD, Pessoa DMA, Melin AD.  (2018) Diet and roosting behavior shape the color vision of leaf nosed bats (Phyllostomidae). Molecular Ecology. 27(18): 3627-3640.

Orkin JD, Yang YM, Yang CY, Yu DW, Jiang XL. (2016) Cost-effective scat-detection dogs: unleashing a powerful new tool for international mammalian conservation biology. Scientific Reports. 6: 34758. 

Melin AD, Wells K, Moritz GL, Kistler L, Orkin JD, Timm RM, Bernard H, Lakim MB, Perry GH, Kawamura S, Dominy NJ. (2016) Euarchontan opsin variation brings new focus to primate origins. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 33(4): 1029-1041.

Ma C, Luo ZH, Liu CM, Orkin JD, Xiao W, Fan PF. (2015) Population and Conservation Status of Indochinese Gray Langurs (Trachypithecus crepusculus) in the Wuliang Mountains, Jingdong, Yunnan, China. International Journal of Primatology 36(4): 749-763.

Hu NQ*, Orkin JD*, Huang B, He, K, Jiang, XL. (2014) Isolation and characterization of thirteen microsatellite loci for the western black crested gibbon (Nomascus concolor) by high-throughput sequencing. Conservation Genetics Resources. 6: 179-181. *Co-first author

Huang B, Guan ZH, Ni QY, Orkin JD, Fan PF, and Jiang XL. (2013) Observation of intra- and extra-group copulation and reproductive characters in free ranging groups of western black crested gibbon (Nomascus concolor jingdongensis). Integrative Zoology. 8(4): 427-440.

He K, Hu NQ, Orkin JD, Nyein DT, Ma C, Xiao W, Fan PF, Jiang XL. (2012) Molecular phylogeny and divergence time of Trachypithecus: with implications for the taxonomy of T. phayrei. Zoological Research. 33(6): 104-110.

Orkin JD and Pontzer H. (2011) The Narrow Niche hypothesis: Gray squirrels shed new light on primate origins. American Journal of Physical Anthropology: 144(4): 617-624.

Welker KL, Orkin JD, and Ryan TM. (2009) Analysis of intraindividual and intraspecific variation in semicircular canal dimensions using high-resolution x-ray computed tomography. Journal of Anatomy. 215(4): 444-451.

Presentation Abstracts

Orkin JD and Melin AD. 2016. Longitudinal Variation in the Gut Microbiota of Free-ranging Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus capucinus). American Journal of Physical Anthropology Supplemental. 159(S62) 244-5.

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Walker A, Dunsworth D, Kozakowski S, Krovitz GE, Orkin JD, and Welker, KL. 2005. Thinking outside the book: Escaping traditional representations of hominin evolution through computer animation. Paleoanthropology Meetings Abstract.


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